DIY Thanksgiving Lego Pumpkin Gift

This Thanksgiving Lego Pumpkin gift is perfect for the kid’s table this year! Help keep little hands busy with this cute Thanksgiving gift idea for kids! It also works well as a party favor or place setting holder for kids, and the cute leaf tags are a free printable!

Tall picture of the finished Thanksgiving Lego Pumpkin Gift.

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The kid’s table is always one of my favorite things to plan out for Thanksgiving. We’ve done table cloths you can color, and cupcakes they can decorate themselves, and fun Thanksgiving things. This year, we’re doing these cute Thanksgiving Lego Pumpkin gifts!

These lego pumpkins look SO cute sitting on their plates, or you can put them all in a basket to hand out when they get there. We plan to see who can make the most creative project using JUST the Legos that came in their pumpkin!

This is a great DIY Thanksgiving gift for kids that kids of all ages will enjoy!

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If you’re just here for the free printable, and want to skip the tips and instructions below, you can find it by clicking here.

How do you make this DIY Thanksgiving Lego Pumpkin Gift?

Step 1: Gather your supplies.

Overhead view of the supplies for the Thanksgiving Lego Pumpkin Gift.

You will need:

Step 2: Print out your gift tags.

Overhead view of printable leaf tags that say "Happy Thanksgiving".

This is what these Thanksgiving Lego pumpkin gift tags will look like when you print them out. They print ten-to-a-page, so keep that in mind if you need multiple.

Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut along the outside of the leaves.

Pro Tip: Print these gift tags on cardstock paper for the best results. You can find it in the office supply section of most stores or on Amazon here.

Step 3: Fill your bags with orange Legos.

Closeup of a bag of orange legos for a thanksgiving lego gift.

These really look best if you use party favor bags that are rounded at the bottom like I showed in the supplies picture above. This aids in the pumpkin shape and makes the project overall look better.

To fill your bags you will need orange Legos! You will need about a handful for each bag you make.

I get my orange Legos from the Lego store. I just use the “make your own mix” section and get all orange. If you don’t have a Lego store near you, you can also use the pick-a-brick section on Lego’s website, but shipping is VERY slow so keep that in mind.

Use a mixture of shapes, sizes, and pieces to make your bags interesting! Each bag doesn’t need to be the same, but should have a nice mixture of Legos.

Step 4: Attach your leaf tags to the pumpkins.

Closeup of the finished Thanksgiving Lego Pumpkin Gift.

Once your bags are put together and twisted shut with a twist tie, you can attach the leaf tags! I used a long piece of twine and made a slip-knot through the hole in the tag, and then wrapped the excess around the twist tie to make it look like a pumpkin stem.

I used a small hole punch for these printable pumpkin leaf tags, and it worked much better than a normal-sized one.

I trimmed the plastic bag down to be shorter, but you can leave it long if you want to skip that step.

The finished Thanksgiving Lego Pumpkin Gift,

When my DIY Thanksgiving Lego Pumpkin gifts were done, this is what they looked like! Didn’t they turn out cute? Just the perfect kid’s Thanksgiving party favor!

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