DIY Teal Gift Basket

This DIY Teal Gift Basket is such a fun way to tell someone they’re awesome! Fill it full of teal gifts they’ll love, attach the free printable tag and gift it!

A tall image of the finished DIY Teal Gift Basket.

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Have you ever made a color-themed gift? They are so much fun to put together! I thought I would have a harder time finding teal things to put in a gift basket, but there’s actually a ton of ideas out there (see some of my ideas for inspiration below and check out the full list I made on Amazon of teal gift ideas.)

The best thing about this Teal Gift Basket is that you can use it for special occasions, OR just because! It’s a great way to cheer someone up or put a smile on their face!

If you want to see some more of my color-themed gift ideas I also have a Pink Gift Basket, a Yellow Gift Basket, and a Blue Gift Basket too! They all have coordinating free printable tags too!

How do you make this DIY Teal Gift Basket?

Step 1: Gather your supplies.

Overhead view of the supplies for the DIY Teal Gift Basket.

You will need:

Step 2: Print out the Just Wanted To Teal You You’re Awesome gift tags.

Printable for the teal themed gift basket that says "Just wanted to teal you you're awesome".".

When you print out the tags, they will print four-to-a-page and will look like the picture above. Make multiple gifts using the tags, or have an extra on hand just in case.

Pro Tip: Print these tags on cardstock paper for the best results. If you print on regular paper, they will be flimsy and tear easily when attached to your gift.

Step 3: Gather your teal gift basket items.

Overview of the teal items for the teal color themed gift basket.

Teal Gift Basket Ideas:

  • Wintergreen Altoids
  • Wintergreen Icebreakers
  • Polar Ice Extra Gum
  • Candy Club Candy (this is high end candy and all the lids are teal!)
  • Teal Face Mask
  • Teal Office Supplies
  • Smart Sweets Peach Rings
  • Teal Kitchen Towels
  • Teal Socks
  • Teal Jewelry
  • Teal Bath Bomb
  • Teal Bath & Body Items
  • Teal Sunglasses
  • Teal Candle
  • Teal Coffee Mug
  • Teal Makeup
  • Teal Nail Polish
  • Teal Gift Card

Best places to shop for teal items:

  • Dollar Store
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Five Below
  • Amazon (I made a huge list of teal items HERE)
  • Hobby Lobby

Tailor your items to the person you’re buying the gift for, and spend a lot of spend a little!

After you’ve shopped for all your teal gift ideas, you’re ready to put your gift together in your container!

I rearranged mine a few times until I was happy with how they were presented. I try to do the taller items in the back of the basket, and the smaller items up front. Nestle your items down in the paper shred to make sure they fit snug and won’t move easily.

I use paper shred for my basket filler because I can usually get it at the dollar store or at Hobby Lobby. I found this pretty teal color on Amazon.

Step 4: Cut out and attach the tags.

Close up of a printable tag that says "Just wanted to teal you you're awesome".

The free printable tags are the perfect finishing touch to this Teal Gift Basket! You can grab them and print them for free HERE.

Use a sharp pair of scissors and cut them out. Punch a hole in the corner of the tag, and run a ribbon through it to attach it to your gift.

The finished DIY Teal Gift Basket.

This is how my final gift ended up looking like when I was done! The smile this brought to their face when I gave it to my friend was awesome! The tag is JUST the right amount of cheesy to make them giggle!

Want more color-themed gift ideas?

Remind someone they’re awesome with this DIY Teal Gift Basket! It’s so much fun to give and receive!

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