DIY Sweet Treat Gift

If you want to say thank you in the sweetest way, you should make this DIY Sweet Treat Gift! It’s super simple to put together because of the free printable tags too!

A tall image of the finished DIY Sweet Treat Gift.

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I love acknowledging or pointing out when people do nice things. With my kids, I find that it makes their little chests swell with pride, and they want to KEEP doing nice things.

That being said, even adults need that little spark of encouragement that comes when someone notices they did something sweet! That’s where these cute little DIY Sweet Treat Gifts come in to play!

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If you’re just here for the free printable, and want to skip the tips and instructions below, you can find it by clicking here.

How do you make this DIY Sweet Treat Gift?

Step 1: Gather your supplies.

Closeup of the printable tags for the DIY Sweet Treat Gift that say "What you deed was really sweet, please enjoy this special treat".

You will need:

Step 2: Print out the Sweet Treat gift tags.

A close up of the finished DIY Sweet Treat Gift.

As you can see above, these gift tags print out nine-to-a-page. This is great if you are making multiples.

Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut out along the pink line.

Pro Tip: Print out these candy gift tags on cardstock, and not regular paper. You can find cardstock in the office supply section of most big box stores.

Step 3: Attach your tags to your candy.

The finished DIY Sweet Treat Gift on a yellow and pink background.

Before you attach your tags, you need to make your candy bags!

You can use a regular bag of candy like Skittles or M&M’s, or a candy bar, OR you can put together little treat bags with a mixture of candy like I did.

You can buy a pre-mixed big bag of candy, or you can go to a candy store (I went to Five Below and just used their 10/$1 candy selection!) and make a mix of your own.

I put my candy in little clear party favor bags (you can get like 24 bags for $1 at Walmart), and then used a hole punch and curling ribbon to attach my tag to the bag and tie it shut.

These are great for individual gifts or they work great if you’re making several as well. My mom gave them out to a group of volunteers at her ministry after they spent some time going above and beyond and they loved them!

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This DIY Sweet Treat Gift is such a great way to acknowledge when someone was kind! Give these out to encourage more kindness in the future!

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